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Complete solutions for real estate asset management

HomeTracker is a tested and proven system, scalable and customizable to meet all of your requirements.

Our Edge is in Our Approach

The HomeTracker applications have been developed with component-based, Web-centric software incorporating an industry standard J2EE architecture. Our leading-edge platform is ideal to build modular systems capable of growing based on customers’ needs without sacrificing the basics:

HomeTracker is hosted in a world-class data center, providing you reliable access to your data anytime, anywhere. 24x7 monitoring, redundancy, and full restore and back-up capabilities are standard with our hosted solution.

Our multi-tier applications separate business logic implementation, presentation and data storage allowing for high scalability. Using industry leading software practices, the HomeTracker applications seamlessly access multi-Gigabyte databases while managing high volumes of Web traffic.

Data security, a key component of our architecture, is provided at multiple levels – including network, database and application levels – ensuring your data is only accessible to your staff and your approved brokers and contractors.

Our highly modular applications allow us to easily integrate or customize based on your requirements. The flexibility of the J2EE platform allows for seamless integration with your existing applications and databases.

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