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An unparalleled level of customer support.

The HomeTracker Support Team is ready to provide implementation and on-going support to ensure ease of use and success with our applications.

Customer Service

HomeTracker values our customers and is committed to the very best in customer service and support. HomeTracker Support (HTS) can be accessed via the Web, email or phone by contacting a representative in our service center in Dallas, Texas.

Our support team members are experts at integrating HomeTracker into your business, so that your IT team doesn’t have to be. Since HomeTracker is a Web-based application and not an "off-the-shelf" product, you will always have the latest upgrades without all the usual IT worries or expenses. The HomeTracker service constantly evolves to satisfy our customers' needs, and you always have the latest service upgrades along with all of its benefits.

Self-Help Information
HomeTracker includes on-line help and FAQs. A list of new enhancements and updates can be found in the System Messages section of the application. Additionally, service notifications are also posted on HomeTracker informing users of the next scheduled maintenance window, as well as any current issues pertaining to the service.

Contact Assisted Help
During regular business hours, your company Designated Contact(s) can submit issues via email or phone. Our HTS team will respond within one business day with an update or resolution to your question. HTS is fully dedicated to the product and the browsers used to access our service. Unlike most help desk organizations that are required to support multiple systems, our engineers are focused on providing dedicated support of HomeTracker to enable us to resolve your issues quickly and completely.

Implementation Services

HomeTracker offers the following services to assist customers in analyzing, configuring and deploying our applications within your company:
Environmental Analysis
Assisting customers in identifying support requirements, integration strategies, customization strategies, and assisting with connectivity analysis.

Data Integration
Helping the customer integrate existing data throughout the enterprise into the HomeTracker applications to provide for ease of use and reduced implementation time.

Plug-in Development
Developing strategies and supporting efforts necessary to integrate existing systems into HomeTracker applications.

Process Modeling Development
Providing the customer with knowledge and skills supporting the development of workflow processes to fully utilize the HomeTracker applications.

Training Services
Assisting customers in development, delivery and maintenance of training. Also, delivery of specialized training, and training for customers who do not have internal training capabilities.
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