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Asset Center

HomeTracker Asset Center is a comprehensive workflow and document management system for clients to manage and market their REO properties. It provides real-time reporting and inventory status for management and automates daily tasks for REO staff to ensure that critical processes are followed. A complete history of notes, tasks and actions performed on the property can be accessed and viewed by all users, including tracking of customer service calls. The workflow, task and document management functions of HomeTracker can be customized to support the client's overall processes and quality control requirements. It can also be customized to support different processes and requirements by investor.

HomeTracker Asset Center fast tracks your data and communications and enhances the productivity of your staff. The availability of real-time, accurate data at the property and portfolio levels gives you a critical management and oversight tool to keep expenses in line and net a quicker, higher return on sales.


Asset Center incorporates 4 modules that can stand alone to provide a complete solution for asset management or integrate with your existing applications. Each module is designed to improve the workflow and efficiency of your office. Extensive Reporting and Cost Tracking capabilities overlay each module providing oversight and improving the accuracy of real-time decisions.

Property Preservation and Management

  • Integrated bids, work orders and invoicing
  • Automated inspection management
  • Online vendor communication
  • Automated Appraisal and BPO management
  • Appraiser evaluation and management
  • Immediate, multi-level system driven valuation of property to substantiate appraised values
  • Automated listings and integration with online bidding systems
  • One-click access to broker and agent database
Reporting and Cost-Tracking
  • Extensive WorkFlow reports
  • Management and oversight reports
  • Complete property and portfolio P&L's
  • Extensive cost tracking and integration with standard accounting systems

Broker Center

HomeTracker Broker Center is a comprehensive Web-based communication tool for your brokers and agents. It integrates seamlessly with Asset Center to provide real-time updates to and from your staff and your brokers. Broker Center provides a complete record of your properties once listed through closing,

  • Improving workflow and efficiency between brokers and office staff
  • Reducing communication time and costs
  • Improving oversight of broker performance
  • Reducing response time on property issues

Broker Center improves the workflow and efficiency of your listing process with the following unique features.
  • Real-time status updates on properties
  • Automated listings and BPOs
  • Comprehensive workflow and management reporting
  • Complete marketing details, including digital pictures

Service Center

HomeTracker Service Center is a unique tool for managing communication with your vendors. It integrates seamlessly with Asset Center to provide real-time updates to and from your staff and your brokers. Service Center automatically notifies vendors of requests for bids and work assignments and streamlines their daily activities.


Service Center improves the workflow and efficiency of your vendors with the following features.

  • Real-time status updates on properties
  • Automated requests for bids
  • Integrated work order and invoicing process
  • Improved quality control and expense management reporting

Lender Center

HomeTracker Lender Center is a product designed specifically to improve communication between Lenders and Management and Marketing (M&M) Contractors for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). At launch, this product immediately reduced errors and resubmission rates of overallowable and extension requests submitted by the lenders to M&M Contractors.

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