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Our world-class team of strategic, business and technical experts are dedicated to the quality of our solutions and the success of our customers.

Our Story

HomeTracker, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, specializes in the development and support of Web-based solutions for real estate owned asset management and communication. Our applications currently support more than 150,000 assets and have vastly improved efficiency and communication among clients' staff, contractors and brokers nationwide.

Our proven track record in both real estate and software development provided the platform for building this leading-edge technology services company. Led by successful innovators and visionaries who realized that no efficient end-to-end asset management software was available in the marketplace, HomeTracker was formed to become the leading provider of software solutions for real estate asset management.

To meet the challenges of asset management today, HomeTracker has assembled a first-class team of real estate, technology and service experts uniquely suited to provide you with complete solutions for your asset management needs. With over 20 years of real estate and IT experience, we are focused on providing solutions that reduce holding time and costs while improving workflow efficiency and communications.
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