Changing Times Demand Sharper Tools

BidSelectIn 2001, 48 percent of buyers learned about the home they chose to purchase through a real estate agent, while only eight percent found their home on the Internet.

In 2011, the Internet surpassed real estate agents as the primary source where buyers find the home they ultimately purchase according to data from the National Association of Realtors™ 2011 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.

Today’s homebuyers follow a self-directed path during initial stages of their home search. They typically select a real estate professional only after narrowing options to a target list of properties. Convenience and computer savvy consumers continue to drive the increased use of the Internet for real estate sales and marketing. The best marketing tools must factor in new homebuyer behavior patterns.

First Preston HT announced today the unveiling of the new look and enhanced marketing platform, BidSelect® for real estate agents to use in buying, selling and leasing properties. Since its inception in 2004, BidSelect has developed a base of 350,000 registered buyers and received over one million offers, resulting in the sale of over 200,000 properties.

Until now BidSelect was limited to owners of large inventories of properties such as financial institutions, government entities and portfolio investors.  For the first time, this powerful marketing and offer management platform is now available to individual real estate professionals, offering two levels of benefits as described below.

BidSelect® Benefits

  • Free Benefits: Registration is free to Agents. All homebuyer tools are also free.  Agents may present properties on BidSelect in five channels:  Resale, Short Sale, Foreclosure, Rental and New Construction.
  • Expanded Benefits: For a minimal fee of $99/year, agents receive expanded benefits to boost their current marketing strategy including:
  1. Personalized Listings
  2. Promotion to National Network of Registered Buyers
  3. Lead Generation Tools
  4. Buyer Referrals
  5. Priority Placement of Listings
  6. Featured Property Placements
  7. Offer Management Options

More Details

For more full details visit or contact us at

Use BidSelect to Increase Your Sales

BidSelect provides homebuyers the convenience, information and independence they prefer in the initial phases of the home search. With over 20 million page views in the past 12 months alone, listing your properties on BidSelect will drive market awareness.  If you choose the expanded benefits, offers may be submitted, negotiated and managed online anytime.

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